CEAL is an organization constituted by the most important private entrepreneurs of Latin America, Puerto Rico, Miami and the Iberian Peninsula. It was established with the main purpose of encouraging the participation of its members and private companies in trade and cooperation partnerships to strengthen mutual ties and the social, economic progress of their countries.

The Business Council of Latin America (CEAL) was officially established on February 19, 1990, in Mexico City, as a response to current tendencies towards globalization of the economy and the development of a new structure of economic blocs that have strengthened the growth of open trade markets and regional integration initiatives.

CEAL believes that the integration processes will succeed if we provide leadership as private entrepreneurs. In this sense, CEAL has the purpose of encouraging participation of the private sector as a change agent.

Our Council brings together more than 350 business leaders, shareholders and executives of corporations and business groups. This group is gathered in 19 chapters in Latin America, Puerto Rico, Miami and the Iberian Peninsula.

Executive Committee

Roberto J. Zamora Llanes
President of CEAL International

President and Founder Grupo LAFISE

Orlando Dovat
First Vice-President

Chairman of Zonamerica - Uruguay

Carlos Enrique Mata S.
Second Vice-President

DNA Ventures / CBC

Juan Cortina Gallardo
President of CEAL International
2018 – 2021

Chief Executive Officer & Director at Grupo Azucarero México, S.A.

Camilo Atala Faraj
President of CEAL International
2016 – 2018

President of the Executive Board of Grupo Financiero Ficohsa - Honduras

Alfredo Artiles
Fiduciary Delegate

KPMG, S.A. - Nicaragua

Nishma Far de Goldoni
Executive Director

CEAL - Panamá