1. Promote the integration of Latin America. Promote the development of economic, political, social and cultural integration of Latin American countries within a framework of democracy in a peaceful and secure business and personal environment.
  2. Develop a corporate network. Encourage relationships between entrepreneurs, organizing systematic exchange of ideas and information regarding political, economic, social, cultural affairs in Latin America, as well as the role of private enterprise in the context of each country.
  3. Facilitate the cooperation between entrepreneurs and the society. Promote political, social and cultural relationships with Latin America private and public institutions and society in general and other regions of the world. In terms of encouraging private initiatives with the purpose of strengthening common ties as well as social and economic development of their nations.
  4. Prioritize education. Promote the improvement of educational standards, giving priority to basic education in Latin America. Specifically in quality of education, equality to the educational community and a broader outreach.
  5. Enforce the law. Bring private sector efforts together to fully establish a democratic State governed by the rule of law, in all Latin America nations, fostering the independence of its different constituents: judicial, legislative and executive powers; offering the necessary guarantees for a due legal process, protecting private property and paying attention to contracts fostering a stable atmosphere as well as judicial, personal and institutional security.
  6. Increase competitiveness. Join efforts with the private sector and the government for the implementation of common agendas with the purpose of increasing systematic competitiveness of our countries to include: trade openness, infrastructure development and enhancement, improvement of revenue collection and public expenses systems, labor relationships and the use of information technology.
  7. Reduce public and private bureaucracy. Eliminate bureaucratic structures and reduce regular procedures to release the productiveness to achieving the companies common activities. Foster free initiatives and the natural entrepreneur aptitude of humans.
  8. Foster innovation. Create friendly environments promoting creativity and proper technology developments, allowing the flourishing of an innovative culture through fluent interaction between companies, investigation centers and government organisms as well as providing a legal framework to guarantee intellectual property.
  9. Privilege internal financing. Design solid domestic capital markets, offering modern and diversified application tools, encouraging national savings and making possible productive investments promoting economic growth with their own resources.
  10. Follow moral and ethical values. Be a role model to the society demonstrating that it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur with high moral and ethical values and become a winner – there is no need to defy law or be involved in corruption to achieve success in business.