1. Stimulate economic and social development in the region, based on the construction of a model of cooperation, understanding our role and responsibilities as agents of change.
  2. Promote the Rule of Law, democracy, and institutional and personal security through individual and corporate respect of its members to:
    • Private property
    • Freedom of enterprise
    • Freedom of expression
    • Human rights
    • The sustainability
  3. Promote better education by supporting initiatives that improve its supply, quality and that incorporate new technologies and globalization.
  4. Foster personal relationships among members for business development in Latin America through the systematic exchange of ideas and information among members.
  5. Provide an adequate forum for the discussion of political, economic, and social issues in Latin America and the role of business in the socio-economic context of each country.
  6. As the voice of business in Latin America, continue to be an organization of high-level businessmen with influential participation in favor of cooperation, exchange of knowledge and ideas between Latin American nations, governments, and international organizations to promote sustainable and inclusive development and reduce poverty in the region.
  7. Invite a greater number of leading businessmen to the CEAL and expand the geographical scope:
    • Increase our membership, maintaining the high standards of integrity and transparency of our members
    • Increase the number of young members, entrepreneurs or young relatives of CEAL members, opening a path towards a generational change and attention to key issues such as innovation and entrepreneurship, among others
    • Strengthen local Chapters and invite other countries in the region to be part of the Council.